Recruitment for Overseas Positions

We understand the need to have immediate and highly qualified English-language teachers, trainers, or consultants for your team. We are fully staffed with well-trained and experienced ESL teachers and vocational trainers who are willing to travel to assume a training roles.

Our recruitment process focuses on the safeguarding and promoting the welfare of partner organizations and learners. Before providing an organization with training staff, we follow these steps:

  • Face-to-face, professional interview
  • ID check
  • Qualification check
  • Health check
  • Reference check
  • Permission to Work

Besides the above requirements, we provide professional development to our staff to ensure the highest professional standards of teaching with the most effective teaching approaches and principles. Trainers will continue to receive professional supports from Educatas throughout their engagement. We will work closely with the teachers to help them fulfill their job with outstanding performance and satisfaction.


Apply for ESL and other training roles with our partner organizations.

Contact us for more information.