International Strategic Partner Organizations


Averroes, Kuwait

Organizing various occasions like exhibitions, conferences, events and forums through our experienced staff in this field using the appropriate qualifications and experiences for each field. We organize these activities and convey professional and positive messages in accordance with the needs of community, institutions, organizations and individuals.


ATC, Albania

The American Training Center was established in 2013 in cooperation with MEG Education Group, USA. Based on the market need to meet English Proficiency skills related to studies or employment criteria in Albania, ATC is able to offer customized solutions for any training requirement.It stands in our mission to provide the best solutions from the business perspective regarding English skills and Professional skills. The ATC center is designed to make the difference.

Langate, Jordan


American Educational Center “Langate” was established in 2011 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It offers English , Georgian and Russian language courses to people of any ages. LanGate has a team of highly qualified teachers and friendly staff. It is one of the leading education centers in Tbilisi famous not only for its excellent teaching programs but for great cultural and educational projects. Langate’s warm atmosphere attracts students and makes their studying process easier and more interesting. 

SOT Jordan


 Seasons of Technology, was founded in 2014 by a partnership of academic professionals and entrepreneurs. Based on their experience in Amman and throughout the region with various individuals and organizations, they became aware of the need for qualified English speakers at all levels of professional status. With the desire to alleviate this problem they started AET to train people to become better English speakers and to communicate effectively in the professional world.

Akshar, India


Akshar Institute of Management Studies – Division of Akshar Institute of Quality Management, is administrated by highly qualified professionals with rich experience in delivering Training. Our Mission: Committed to delivering world class training with project solutions, on time & within budget, while creating value for our professional participant and achieving success for their career.Our Vision:To be among the world’s foremost training institute, empowering thought, leadership and managerial excellence.
Logo, slogan .V

BTI, Vietnam


 BTI was established with the mission to provide individuals and companies with management skills, leadership strategies, and effective ways to build their brands. We specialize in consulting businesses in customer service and high caliber training in the field of skills development. We also offer training in strategic management, operational management, human resources management, and, corporate culture.

English Times, KSA


 English Times is a language institute extending its services across Saudi Arabia. The company is based in Riyadh. We have access to all the latest English language teaching techniques, supported with modern technology


Sky Line is an innovative an specialist educational training center situated at the heart of Cairo – The capital of Egypt .
The company slogan is ” The sky is the limit ” where learning is endless .Sky Line provides different kinds of educational training and development services .Our vision is to provide the best learning experience that can meet today’s world challenges .Our Mission is using training as a tool to change learners and creating a new standard of excellence and professionalism

GoGlobal, Shanghai


 Go Global is a recruiting firm that works with teachers in the U.S. to find teaching positions at the best schools across China. With offices in both Washington, D.C. and Shanghai, our people on the ground are there for you in both countries to help you in your international job search. We strive to provide a personalized service for both our teachers and our client schools.

EduWorld Consulting, USA


 EduWorld Consulting LLC consists of professionals who have qualifications, expertise, and passion in the field of education; from learning to teaching, and research to leadership. We have a strong team of educators, researchers, and leaders from Asia Pacific and the United States. As a team, we work together with our clients to guide them on a path to success

MMC for Management Consulting, Kuwait


 MMC is a management consulting and advisory firm with a clear focus on Small to Medium Sized Entities (SMEs). Having worked extensively in the international consulting industry, MMC’s founders have been able to develop a business model that is completely geared towards the ever expanding needs of SMEs in the Middle East.
Positive Change, Dubai UAE

Positive Change, Dubai UAE


 Positive Change Professionals for Consultancy and Training services combine management services with professional consultancy to help organizations achieve their strategic goals, improve their processes, develop their employees to help increasing efficiency.

Skills International, Kuwait


  Skills International is the Middle East’s largest training & consulting  provider. Our mission to provide highly specialized training for all industries bridges some of the gap in the knowledge between the West and Middle Eastern countries. We bring together the world’s most brilliant consultants and highly experienced specialists to conduct our seminars and work shops all around the world.



UNIVERSITY OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY, announced by the Higher Council of the Saudi Higher Education,  has become a university in a short period of only 12 years. This tremendous growth would not have been possible without the following factors:Effective and courageous leadership.High concern for Quality Education. The provision of specialized business education that was non-existent in Government Universities but highly needed in the labor market.

Eduline, Egypt

 Eduline is based in Egypt and specialized in Educational consultations having its slogan as: ”The line to your dream“.

The company works very closely with students, parents and teachers to make their dreams of success and uniqueness come true, by helping them to explore their inner strength and work on it together through a fine selection of courses and certificates that enables them to become the Giants of tomorrow.